"We have owned our home for about five years and feel we have really kept it up with custom paint, flooring, and updating décor as time went on. We had never heard of the term 'Staging' until my parents recently sold their house. They hired a Staging Consultant and what a difference it made in their house. Unfortunately, they only got to enjoy about two weeks of the new changes. It sold in that time with two offers. Based on the dramatic differences we saw from the staging consultant, we were in the market to find someone to come to our house and give us advice on 'Staging to Live'. We did not want to sell our house, just needed some professional advice. We then found Kathy West. Within a week, Kathy was at our house doing our walk-through and taking pictures. She truly took the time to understand our style and the purpose of each room. She explained all the options and gave us the choice on how far we wanted to go with 'Staging'. Kathy then returned with two folders; one with her recommendations of layout for each room and another with different furniture and accents. We went through each room and she explained in detail her suggestions and choices. For our master suite and bath, she even brought a few items to add and changed a few things to help us visualize her ideas. To us, that was the most beneficial aspect. Kathy really wanted us to see just what a few items and changes can do to a room. Kathy's knowledge and networking are so beneficial to her clients. She comes with our very high recommendation. Her customer service is superb."

Sarah & Nick, Springhill, Kansas