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Design & Redesign Services - Living Room

Details Home Staging Solutions is dedicated to providing interior styling and re-design services to our clients. Owner Kathy West has years of experience and a keen eye for accenting and enhancing living spaces to make them look their best, whether she's working for homeowners eager to restyle their private living spaces, or sellers hoping to ask for top dollar when they're putting homes on the market.

Interior Styling: Many of our clients here at Details Home Staging Solutions are looking for help with the style of their home. Our belief, based on Kathy's years of experience, is that style is conceptual, as much as it is the physical placement of furnishings for a personal aesthetic. Just like someone's personal style, a home's style is more than just its adornments. It's attitude; it's how space is utilized—that is, how furniture is arranged and how accents are used to create a mood or feeling and reflect a client's personal style. We love helping our clients with style in any number of ways, whether by eliminating décor or furniture or adding in new pieces that make a room come to life. Kathy West is dedicated to keeping up with current trends in interior design. Sometimes it can be difficult to see what's new in a house when you've lived in it for so long. Details can help homeowners like you discover what's still fresh and exciting in your home.

Color Consultation: A coat of paint can refresh a living space like little else. It's a cost-effective way to change a room—or even a whole house! That's because color is about emotion. It affects the way we feel, whether by cooling things down to create a peaceful retreat or warming them up to create a social space. Color can even make a room feel bigger, or more intimate. We are seasoned color consultants who are eager to help our clients change the look and feel of their homes. We take into account every house's unique architecture, the client's personal style, and current and fashionable trends to produce stunning results.

Redesign Services: At Details Home Staging, we specialize in creating personally styled homes for our clients. We go to great lengths to create interior environments that are not only appropriate for every individual home, but which also satisfy the needs of the occupants and tantalize prospective buyers. Redesign services—moving furniture around and adding or subtracting elements—is the more physical side of what we offer, but this is more than just rearranging. We're style and composition experts. When we're done, we know you'll be pleased.